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I will find a memory card in her lair full of photos of mini sex dolls. Then make a line on her memory part. Yes, I also have a desire for breasts. There are no more of them now, but I hope that the new lucky ones will be able to breed them and make many people happy. Breast blessing, I don't think that Letty will be so great at the Titi Summit. I used to have a sex doll, it was bad. Then I bought the perfect pair of Jenna, they are too small. Maybe I can see if I can add it. The worst case is that I messed up and had to throw away what I stopped using. I still can't find any comments about the first swinging sundries. I assume they comment like other dolls. It is very likely that you will not find a comment on a sex doll.

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I have memories of mini sex doll many years ago. The chest on these dolls is no better than the real human female. What they did for us in this thread is amazing. However, this is a matter of anything, and there are still many shortcomings in the quality of the doll's manufacturing and the quality of the styling. Silicones are cheap and not well supported. Especially for filling the gel on the chest and hips. Just understand that the service life is limited. If you want to buy a set of sex doll chests for sex experiments. Or try filling them with extra gel and move on.

2019-09-26 02:31:11

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