Long Hair 158CM Kelly Hodge Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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I did some research before I placed the order, I have to see if this is true. Then hope for the best. The next two days are nervous. She finally arrived, she is the exact body and head type in the photo. I am very happy! I even received her warmth, I don't know I will get it. This is a good surprise. On the day the doll is coming, I even emailed the teaching documents and videos about taking care of the dolls. I found the sex doll skeleton range map to be especially useful. I am very satisfied with this purchase, I will definitely buy sex doll from here again.

Date Added: 2019-08-09 23:29:56 by Beck Judd

Note that they have reached a huge and heavy box, and for some people, the things in the box may be obvious. Just consider it when you buy it.