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168CM Yuko Hanawa Big Breasts Silicone Japanese Sex Dolls


Free gifts:
❤ Eyes x3 | Gloves x2 | Wigs x2 | Combs x2
❤ Doll clothes x1 | Cleaning tool x1 | Heating rod x1
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Yuko has polite eyes, attractive facial features, and is as realistic as they are. I like to suck the vagina and rub my lips with my fingers. However, since no lady can penetrate me, men will always win! No matter what you like, you can cover all of her main bases. She is very healthy, pruned and ready to take action.

She is a Japanese, she is a fresh graduate. This is her first job. When all the colleagues got off work, she took the photos at the company. Her character is more extroverted, eloquent, loves luxury, self-expression; when she treats her beloved object, she will be proud and versatile.

Although she looks like a beautiful girl, she is full of erotic thoughts. But he is a virgin who has no love and experience. She hopes to find her first experience here. However, they often evade at critical moments and belong to the arrogant type of girl. Although I have a perfect face and body, I am satisfied with my bust.
Both learning and sports are at the same time, and at the same time, they are good at memorizing and speed. Especially in health care sports, I am very good at it, but I don't know how to cook. Her interest is pornography.
Packing list:
1 *sex doll
1 * wig
1 set of * gloves
1 set * sexy underwear
1 *Vaginal heating rod
1 *Vaginal cleaning tool

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 66 inches(168cm)
Weight: 75 lbs(34kg)
Bust: 30 inches(75cm)
Waist: 21 inches(52cm)
Hips: 31 inches(79cm)
Vagina: 7.3 inches(18.5cm)
Anus: 5.9 inches(15cm)
Mouth: 4.2 inches(10.5cm)
Arm length: 25 inches(63cm)
Foot length: 8.3 inches(21cm)
Packing Size: 61.5*16.6*11.9 inches(156*42*30cm)

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