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Slim Sexy Costume Long Hair Big Breasts Sex Doll Kelly Hodge158cm Entity Adult


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Product Informations

Kelly Hodge's background story

"All the men I have met, they are very yearning for my big breasts, they are eager to get them, aren't you? You are staring at my chest now, I am very clear about my big breasts. You are very interested. Do you want to pick them up, oh, damn, your hands grab them, I feel they have started to harden, are you sure you can give me the feeling of excitement? Come on, let me feel Your strong muscles," Kelly said.

She is a very sexy beauty. She has a big breast like a mountain. She usually likes to wear all kinds of sexy clothes. This can show her beautiful posture. But one thing to note is that she does not have a boyfriend. She dreams of being conquered by a strong man every day. But this man did not appear in her world. Are you willing to be her boyfriend? When you meet her, she will give you a real enjoyment and an unprecedented experience. She will be surprised by your strength.
She has papaya-sized breasts. This makes many women envious. Her long blond curly hair is smooth under her face. Her skin is made of TPE soft silicone material. She is non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly. She will not flow oil. No distortion. no taste. Her bust is 106 cm and her waist is 51 cm. The hips are 81 cm. The weight is 33.5 kg. You can pick her up easily. You can use this part of the mouth, genitals, anus, can be used for oral sex, cumshot, anal and tits. If you want to conquer her, you need to take practical action.

When you hold on and start sucking her big breasts, she will be very happy, her body will tremble like an electric shock, but she will try to balance herself, she will give you an unprecedented pleasure. At the same time, she should also feel pain for you.

Product features:

1.She has a big breast like a mountain, and she has no boyfriend.

2.Her skin is made of TPE material and is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.

3.She has a metal skeleton inside, she can satisfy any posture you want.

Kelly Hodge's packing list:

1* sex doll
1* wig
1 set of sexy underwear
(Sexy underwear may be different from the picture, all the items in the picture are for shooting purposes)

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 62 inches(158cm)
Weight: 74 lbs(33.5kg)
Bust: 42 inches(106cm)
Waist: 20 inches(51cm)
Hips: 32 inches(81cm)
Vagina: 7.1 inches(18cm)
Anus: 6.3 inches(16cm)
Mouth: 5.2 inches(13cm)
Arm length: 24.8 inches(63cm)
Foot length: 8.3 inches(21cm)
Packing Size: 58.3*16.6*11.9 inches(148*42*30cm)