Small Waist Thick Lips TPE Doll Huge Breasts 150CM Strong Edwina Lawson


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"My dream is to stand on the winner's podium of the world gymnastics competition. To achieve the supreme glory of my country, when our country's national anthem sounds over the stadium, more pain is worth it. It is more painful than training. Then, can you tell me what it is?” Edwina said.
She is a gymnast. When she saw the beautiful movements of the gymnast on TV when she was a child, she was deeply attracted by the gymnastics. After a long period of hard work, she finally got the qualification to enter the national team. Of course she wants In order to succeed, she still needs constant efforts. After a long and intense training, her body has become very strong. There are strong muscles on the abdomen and thighs. As she grows up day by day, her breasts It is getting bigger and bigger, the breasts are very heavy. When she is doing gymnastics, the big breasts become a burden, she is difficult to balance, it seems that her championship dream is farther and farther away from her. She also feels very much Distressed. She began to think that having a huge breast is a misfortune. Do you know how to comfort her and change her opinion? Yes, she is very curious about what you just said can make her more painful than this.
packing list:
1* sex doll
1* wig
1 set of sexy underwear
(Sexy underwear may be different from the picture, all the items in the picture are for shooting purposes)

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 59 inches(150cm)
Weight: 69 lbs(31.5kg)
Bust: 37 inches(95cm)
Waist: 18 inches(47cm)
Hips: 33 inches(83cm)
Vagina: 7.1 inches(18cm)
Anus: 6.3 inches(16cm)
Mouth: 5.1 inches(13cm)
Arm length: 7.1 inches(18cm)
Foot length: 8.7 inches(22cm)
Packing Size: 55.2*16.6*11.9 inches(140*42*30cm)