Blue Eye 170CM Cecilia Arthur Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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weight! This is a sex doll that looks more beautiful than a photo. It's exactly what the seller described. If the hole of happiness is in the right place and not so far, then 5 stars will be given. In addition to that, the purchase was very satisfying. She didn't talk much, but she never argued. Her head is separate and has to be tightened, but it is simple. Very satisfying. This is a very real sex doll I have ever seen. Here let me understand that buying sex dolls is not complicated, and sex doll far exceed my expectations for quality.

Date Added: 2019-08-15 11:53:13 by Wade Saxton

Regarding the doll's question, they can answer my question right away. If they launch another new product that interests me, I would be happy to do business with them again!