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How to Get Rid of Cosmetics on Sex Dolls



Hello everyone, I want to know if it is possible to remove the supplier's cosmetics on the silicone doll. It does not harm the skin material. I am asking this question because I am buying my second doll and will make the doll natural or close to nature. This way I can make up the makeup based on the project I am working on. This will be my first doll. So now I have bought a good middle and high end doll in the market. Unless I buy a new head, choosing to manufacture is not an option. I heard that some manufacturers need some time to produce. I am busy staring at the huge nipple that I am staring at. Harry! Very cute doll. I want one! What you said makes sense. By the way, what type of make-up remover do you use to avoid peeling off. I think you'd better order your head without makeup. I don't own these, but I'm pretty sure if not all have cosmetic seals in place. You can also make a sex doll factory make another face according to your own preferences.

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If you want to redo a face, then you must wipe off the sealant on the face of the sex doll. Acetone, or other solvents will help. In the near future, someone tries to remove the veneer's face to try to reverse engineer it and ruin the face in the process. Cosmetics can be applied to existing cosmetics by changing the appearance without risk of damage. If you make your own makeup after the factory is finished, just use mild soap and warm water on the cloth. Be careful of the eyelashes as they may mess up the eyelashes. If you are interested in making your own make-up dolls, it is best to ask for an absolute minimum. Talk to the sex doll company you are interested in and find out what they can do for you.

2019-07-15 04:38:06

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