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I Decided to Bring A Sex Doll Into My Life



I already know that sex dolls have been around for a few years. But until recently, I decided to bring a doll into my life. First of all, I am divorced three times now. And I think that is enough for a lifetime. I have no hope of embarking on this rugged road again. But I still need some form of companionship - "release." I spent a lot of money on the dating site. I found them full of scammers and false personal information. Few real women are looking for relationships, and I am not interested in "friends and welfare." I even tried Craigslist. Nothing except drugs and amateur prostitutes - hehe. Therefore, it is a good thing to have a "benefit to live with friends", a person who does not bring you difficulties, and a person who is always willing to be in your impulses. Women wear beautiful dresses, nylon stockings and high heels, beautiful hair, and a breathtaking figure. Anyway, this is my imagination. I like to see beautiful women. But another reason I want to buy sex dolls is because they are very gorgeous.

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A sex doll is more than just a companion (also a kind). It's a kind of eye candy because I can let her wear anything that appeals to me. Have you seen any one in the real world recently? Almost no one dressed up to dress again. The "leisure" look has been brought to the disgusting low. They have not seen the hairdresser's heart for many years. It has been several months since I saw a woman in high heels - even then she was not wearing nylon stockings. As for their numbers, enough to say. Ok - on the one hand, she can't scratch my back (not my predecessor - she just wants to massage without giving any return). But on the other hand, she can sit on the sofa next to me. The legs of the sex doll are on my lap, let me touch her feet and legs. And I can still watch it on the screen countless times, and no scorpion tells me.

2019-07-15 04:03:09

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