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I Wents To See The Japanese Sex Doll Website



If I am considering the right material. TPE sex dolls are less inert than silicone. Some cleaning materials and lubricants may cause a reaction that decomposes or weakens. it is good. It seems that this book is very well written and is a good example of the latest mix of TPEs used in your doll shop, Beautiful Dolls and some other dolls. Pick up the technical information I can find and the feedback from the current TPE doll owner. This is exclusive news. TPE sex dolls seem to stretch much more than silicone without tearing.

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You need to keep the temperature of the TPE Japanese sex doll below 122 degrees. So as not to turn it into a shapeless block. Obviously, this can eliminate the use of a hair dryer to warm the doll through the hot water sitting on the heating mat, or even use the electric blanket, or keep the doll in the hot sun. Compared with silica gel, TPE is more likely to attract dust, lint or pet hair, so there are conflicting reports. TPE is at least softer than current silicone blends and may even be softer. TPE is more susceptible to contamination than silicone. Therefore, any material can be used as long as you follow the precautions for use. A lot of research, thank you. I went to the sex doll website and impressed the little doll. Very interesting, I hope to get some feedback from the owners.

2019-10-09 03:53:03

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