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I only want a Japanese sex doll. Because it can dress and pose. Much like children are playing with toys. After more than 10 years, can you still pose without damaging the wafer? Still let her still not hurt anything? What do you think of the age of the bones over the years? Will it rust? Will it break? Need oil at some point? When you have many types of silicon dolls, from old tin, new tin, old platinum to new platinum... which silicon seems to work better. Which one seems to be more suitable for regular posing. What does it mean to change clothes constantly. Changing clothes every week has no effect on the durability of the doll.

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I want to know if dressing for the Japanese sex doll is a big risk to silicon and the skeleton. I am interested in this: what is the cause of the loss. The extreme prohibition posture of the doll. The manufacturer has never suggested anything for you to do. Not an extreme posture... but a dangerous posture (such as the arm behind the neck) has long damaged the doll? _ There is no dangerous safe posture, but playing the doll too often can cause damage to the doll. Sorry to ask all these questions, but since it is the correct thread, I just let go, I have been thinking about all of this. I think John is usually talking about time. Changing the clothes of a doll is always risky.

2019-10-09 02:57:17

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