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Is A Man Willing to Have Sex Dolls



If a sex doll is a real woman, it is usually frustrating. I know what touched me, but I know if this is a photo I will never see her. If I do this, she probably won't be interested because I'm just another "fan" who wants her. I probably not be her type because I am not an Alpha or very confident about the women I am attracted to. If I see her with my own eyes, then the feeling of guilt will begin. I can't see (male gaze), can be sexually interested in any visual state or wake up or be punished. Then he attributed the objectification of sex dolls and sexism to the complexity of political correctness. On a rainy day, there may also be aversion to sick women.

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I guess most people would like to see a gorgeous real woman instead of a gorgeous real sex doll. At least in a photo, a question whether a man is willing to have it. Sexual relationships with women or dolls are a different issue. This is about sexual activity preferences, not pornographic preferences. This is also very interesting. It seems that even personality and personality are needed to bring interest to real objects. Can we say that we are humanizing sex dolls? An interesting flip.

2019-08-05 03:04:32

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