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Sex Dolls Have Many Ways to Present Female Beauty



Can a nude doll affect people like a nude. Adding porn, I have to laugh at Anne’s shocked feeling. This sounds (again, respectfully) like the reaction of a 13-year-old child. I have never linked to porn sites because they usually contain malware. However, I occasionally watch porn on my friend's email. How does this "real" porn affect me? There is no simple answer, it depends on it, from my point of view, the degree of completion. If the photo shows a penetrating penis - then what? Any photos that are surprising or shocking with women will definitely disappoint me; this is a false facial expression that is not performing well. In other words, I have seen some sex doll art, it is doing very well, a little bit makes me happy. If you have seen one, you have already seen it.

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In human pornography and sex doll pornography, I am more interested in the way pornography looks at women's bodies. Like a penis that penetrates, it eventually gets older. But there are at least many ways to present women's beauty. When a woman looks at me, I naturally do not "show", I like it; this implies a close relationship. Considering two shots of the same posture, one with a doll and another with a charming woman, I prefer the latter because I know she is real, I can more easily imagine that she is walking around, warm, and sweet things. This is not to say that the pose of a sex doll is not "hot." I want to know if there is any ulterior motive here, that is, to understand our interest in pornography.

2019-08-05 03:34:38

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