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I've Been Looking for A TPE Sex doll that I Like



I stayed at shopping until I found a TPE sex doll I liked. It stands out from other products I've tried. As for weather, body spray or perfume is preferred, I think it's either good. I haven't tried body sprays myself, so based on experience, I can't say which one is the best. If the scent you like isn't as effective, I'd recommend spraying a wig instead of a doll. Since neither dolls nor wigs have the body heat that evaporates products like humans, wigs have at least a large surface area to help release aroma. If you decide you don't like the smell after spraying some. Just change the sex doll wig and try another one. The other wig will eventually lose its scent within a few days.

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Technically, it's up to the TPE sex doll manufacturer. Everything gets better. Trying to explain all the "technical" aspects takes half a page. As for repair, I did a lot, from simple skin tears to hip replacements. It can be painful. Think of joint repairs like this - your car breaks down and there's no garage. To get there and replace the wheel bearings, the only help is from friends far away. If you're lucky, you'll go to a car conference where someone has the skills and abilities to help you through the tough times. Buying clothes and wigs is another important item. Think of a woman who can't put her arms on her shoulders. Now, I bought a shirt. "Hey! The collar of this shirt is too tight. What do I think?" "She didn't even ask for makeup or nail polish. Which is better now?" The best I can say is the Internet and Avon's gratitude to god. Sex dolls are female in shape, but the quality of the clothes must be taken care of. Dolls can be worn.

2019-09-03 23:59:32

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