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Apart from being water based, I haven't decided yet. I found a lot of review sites on the Internet, but each review site offered different Suggestions. Anybody heard of this? If someone told me they found a really good lubricant, they would buy it with a gallon, and I would love to see it. You find anything better than the others. As long as I wait for sex dolls, that's exactly what I think. Turn on the tap and let it flow.

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I got V lubricant, water based thermal gel, because it was clear and tasteless. It doesn't get hotter, so you get the feeling of a TPE sex doll. It was slimy and slimy like snot. This could be a real mess. But it feels great. There's no need to worry about it drying out during RACES, it's all natural, and anyone who finds themselves sensitive to regular commercial lubricants needs to wash them off quickly after RACES to avoid irritation (I) don't need to worry about that. Products. They sell small bottles, but you'll regret not ordering large ones. I should think of very personal preferences. Currently I have 12 different ones in my drawer. And found that each of my sex toys worked with a different lubricant (and vice versa). Different lubricants suit our different moods.

2019-09-04 01:53:38

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