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Woman Having Sex With A Male Sex Doll
Woman Having Sex With A Male Sex Doll

Muscle Strong 20CM Big Penis TPE Male Doll Handsome Lance Hicks


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Blanket x1 | Gloves x1 | Wigs x1 | Combs x1
❤ Doll clothes x1 | Cleaning tool x1 | Heating rod x1
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Muscle Strong 20CM Big Penis TPE Male Doll Handsome Lance Hicks


Product Informations

Lance Hicks's background story

"When others see my strong muscles, they all ask me how I did it. I have been exercising because I want to protect my princess. Even though I haven't met her yet, I believe she is Waiting for me," Lance said.

Sex toys have become a thing of the past, and sex dolls are the pinnacle of modern happiness. Realistic look and feel of the body, as well as all the right parts to achieve your fantasy. If you have never experienced a sex doll before, what do you think of first when you see him? You can easily clean him and disinfect him with a mild antibacterial cleaner.

He is a very handsome man, but you may be surprised that he hasn't been with a girl yet. But that's the truth, he has a lot of pursuers, but he refuses them. The reason is that he doesn't just like those who just want to The man who plays. He is a very specific person. When he chooses his partner, he will never change his mind. He can maintain absolute loyalty to you. "You can imagine when you turn your attention back. When you are in blue jeans, give him a smile. Pull the chain down and you will feel that he moved forward slightly on the cool leather of the chair. Despite his protest, his knees are pulled wider and his ass Moved a bit before, enough to make yourself more accessible. "Are you sure? "Although he tried to be a gentleman, the tension in his voice betrayed his desire. Excitement made his voice rude and rigorous. We have never done this before."

The least he can do is to help you achieve your own fantasy. "Move your ass and help him get the jeans down." He turned back with a strong expectation, wrapped his big fingers around the belt loop and pulled the jeans to the middle of his thigh. Then you look at it with greedy eyes and reach out to adjust the thick material to make things smoother. Stretching his hand and grabbing his penis, you are relieved from the pants with gentle patience, which is amazing because you are very eager to taste it. Once free, it will jump to your face and you will be happy with its sheer size.

Product features:

1.He has a large penis 20cm long to satisfy your sexual desire.
2.His looks are very handsome and are the lovers of many people.
3.His strong muscles and broad chest can make your night no longer lonely.

4.The skin made of TPE material makes you feel like a real human skin touch.

Lance Hicks's packing list:

1* sex doll
1* wig
1 set of sexy underwear

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 66.2 inches(168cm)
Weight: 110 lbs(50kg)
Bust: 32.3 inches(82cm)
Waist: 27.6 inches(70cm)
Hips: 39.4 inches(100cm)
Penis: 7.9 inches(20cm)
Anus: 5.5 inches(14cm)
Arm length: 27.6 inches(70cm)
Foot length: 9.1 inches(23cm)
Packing Size: 59.9*20.1*14.6 inches(152*53*37cm)

Production Process

Sex Doll Production Workshop TPE Sex Dolls Factory Makeup Silicone Sex Doll Mold Display Male Sex Dolls

Care & Maintenance


❤ Your sex dolls body should be thoroughly cleaned every 30 days by bath or shower using a mild antimicrobial soap.

❤ It is fine to sit your doll in water or shower with her, but do not let her head or neck submerge under the water.

❤ To wash your sex dolls face, very gently wipe with a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap. *Again, Do not submerge your dolls head in the water.

❤ Use a soft absorbent towel and gently pat your sex doll dry after cleansing.

❤ After thoroughly dry, apply a light dusting of renewal powder with the included brush to keep her skin soft and velvety.

❤ Never use a hair dryer or other heat source to blow your doll dry.


❤ To clean your dolls hair, remove the wig from her head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Let the wig dry naturally (using a wig stand if possible) then gently comb the wig starting from the bottom and moving upward.


❤ We recommend the use of a condom with your doll to avoid growth of bacteria.

Vaginal sex, anal sex and oral channel cleanup

Doll's vagina, anus and oral cavity area should be cleaned after each use of bacterial growth, because TPE skin is more porous than silicon. Rinse the canal with mild antibacterial soapy water in a small pump irrigator until it is thoroughly cleaned, then rinse the canal with clean water in a vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed. Dry the canal thoroughly. Wipe the dust with dry powder both inside and outside.

Skin care and clothing

Cleaning If the skin becomes sticky, after cleaning and drying, gently lighten the doll with a doll or baby powder and dry it to make her skin soft and smooth. This is very important to prevent the tearing of sex dolls. Please take care to ensure that any clothes worn on the doll will not change color. TPE is very porous, and dark or dark colors may bleed and cause discoloration of the doll, which is even difficult or impossible to remove. Be careful not to place sex dolls on or on items containing ink, such as newspapers, magazines, dark materials or leather materials that also contain oil-soluble pigments. Do not expose sex dolls to direct sunlight to prevent the aging of TPE materials.


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