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How to clean sex dolls?

The physical doll is a well-made adult sex toy with a high-profile look. Does the material use TPE or silicone for the doll? Great, welcome! They have never been as popular or popular as they are now. Although others have discovered the differences and opposing elements of adult dolls, their proper use has brought many benefits.

It is important to have a person or thing that can be associated with it. The authenticity dolls available today are easily integrated into the scene. After cleaning the doll/silicone doll is actually a very simple process, if you have the right tools, you can do it in a few minutes.

Are you cleaning your sex doll? The most common question we receive is "How do I clean my sex doll after use?". Many customers have asked us this question and deserve a thorough answer. Properly taking care of your sex dolls will extend their life for many years, keeping her fresh, clean and sexy. You will get more rewards.

Only water based lubricants are used for lubricants. Silicone or petroleum based lubricants can damage your baby's skin. Be careful not to expose sex dolls to direct sunlight to prevent aging of TPE materials. TPE contains oil, which is why TPE is so soft and swaying. Therefore, be careful not to place your doll on an unsealed surface that may seep out of her body and dry the skin, causing it to rupture or crack.

Cleaning the doll after use is actually a very simple process, and if you have the right tools, you can do it in a few minutes. Here are the tools we recommend and how to use them to keep your sex dolls look like new. You need to prepare antibacterial soap, water, talcum powder (baby talcum powder), lightweight sponge, a second sponge cut into small swabs, non-abrasive dry cloth, medical forceps, strong paper towels.

We recommend cleaning your doll every 2-4 weeks. This should be hygienic and ensure the perfect balance of your doll as long as possible. Many of our customers are very anal (forgive puns) and choose to clean the doll after each use. Keep in mind that doing so may slow down the doll's skin, shorten its lifespan or cause the skin to tear, faster than you want. We recommend that you enter the daily work of cleaning the doll to make it the second nature.

Do not lift or open the doll's arms or legs for more than a few minutes. If your arm is unfolding your doll up or down, the pressure exerted on the TPE will cause tearing. You may come back to find your baby under the armpit or groin area and then need to fix it. Therefore, when you are not using her, be careful to return your doll to a neutral, stress-free position with your arms down and sides closed.

Vaginal irrigators, also known as rinsing or enema bulbs, are the perfect tool for cleaning dolls after use. To use one, simply fill with soap and water, then rinse and clean the doll's vagina. For best results, you should do it as soon as you have finished playing the doll. We recommend that you first rinse with cold water and then switch to warm water and soap for disinfection.

The vaginal irrigator is very cheap and easy to use. All that is needed is to move your doll to a place where water can be drained from her, rather than mess. Be careful when moving dolls during the cleaning process. Due to her metal skeleton, she may be heavy depending on her size. Avoid dropping your doll or hitting it on a hard surface that could cause damage.

If the skin becomes sticky, gently wipe your doll with a clean and dry brush and use the included brush to smooth and smooth her skin. This is very important to prevent tearing your sex doll. Cleaning up the process is not a hard and fast rule, but based on our experience, it will make your life easier and ensure that you give your doll the best care. All our dolls are equipped with a vaginal douche and Cleaning kits, you may prefer to use them.

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