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How to clean the vagina of a TPE doll?

urdolls 03/22/2019

The public's perception of dolls is moving in the direction of acceptance, and the idea of silicone partners is becoming mainstream. The only convenient, risk-free and acceptable breath through sex is the purchase of adult dolls. From the beginning of the 21st century, sex dolls are getting closer and closer to real people, both in appearance and in texture.

Now you can choose sex dolls of different shapes, sizes, genders, races, colors, and even customizable. They allow you to have a young and beautiful partner, and you can have sex at any time. Properly taking care of your sex dolls will extend their life for many years and keep her fresh.

Do you know how to clean sex doll's vagina and other holes? Whether your doll is inserted into the vagina or the built-in vagina, the work of cleaning the vagina is very important, as is the cleaning of the anus and mouth. If you have sex dolls, you may need to learn some ways to clean the doll's vagina from here. It is important to clean the doll's cavity after each use to ensure optimal hygiene.

The baby's vagina, anus and mouth area should be cleaned after each use to avoid bacterial growth because TPE skin has more holes than silicone. Rinse the tubing with mild anti-bacterial soapy water in the vaginal irrigator until thoroughly cleaned. Rinse the tubing with clean water in the vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed.
Thoroughly dry the canal

Dolls with a detachable vaginal option are easier to clean. You can clean the cavity of the TPE doll with an aqueous antibacterial soap. First, you don't need to remove the sleeve from the cavity, then flip the inside of the TPE sleeve and wash it with antibacterial soap. Then dry the sleeve thoroughly with a dry towel. You can also use our brush and finally insert the sleeve back into the cavity. .

The easiest way to clean is to use a vaginal irrigator. You can easily buy it at the pharmacy, but if you don't have the convenience to buy it yourself, you can order it online or just use a water spray bottle. Vaginal irrigators, also known as rinsing or enema bulbs, are the perfect tool for cleaning dolls after use. To use one, simply fill with soap and water, then rinse and clean the doll's vagina.

For best results, you should do it as soon as you have finished playing the doll. We recommend that you first rinse with cold water and then switch to warm water and soap for disinfection. The vaginal irrigator is very cheap and easy to use. All that is needed is to move your doll to a place where water can be drained from her, rather than mess.

Fill the irrigator with soapy water (this is where the mild antibacterial soap works) and then spray water into the vagina of the doll. Use it to rinse everything in the doll's vagina several times. Once done, you will need to rinse it. So rinse the irrigator with water several times to flush the vagina of the doll to remove any lubricant inside.

Make sure to clean the doll's vagina, mouth and butt in the bath or shower because you need a place to drain the water from the hole. Note: To ensure that you don't damage the doll, you must purchase a soft cleaning tool.

To clean other parts of the doll's body, take it with you. If you take a shower together, cleansing dolls can be very interesting. Basically just give her a beautiful soap shower, just like you are a real woman. She will provide you with a pleasant meeting again and again, thank you. You need to pay attention: don't let your head dolls drown underwater!

TPE Dolls with built-in vaginal options are slightly more complicated to clean. You can use an aqueous antibacterial soap, and you also need a cleansing lotion, just like a real woman. First, load a bucket of warm water antibacterial soap and mix it. Fill the cleaning rinse with soapy water and insert the rinse head into the cavity of the doll. Inject water into the cavity, place the doll in a standing position, and let the water flow down. Repeat the above steps several times to ensure that the chamber is completely clean and disinfected. After cleaning, wait 30 minutes for your doll to stand until all the water leaves your TPE doll cavity.

You can use a hair dryer to blow dry holes faster or use a small towel inside. Do not blow the blower too close because the TPE will melt and deform. Insert a small dry dry towel or ideal cavity cleaning brush into the TPE Doll vagina until it is completely dry. You can also view our "Flexible TPE Doll Drying Brush" in our Accessories section.

After cleaning the sex doll, it is time to dry her. Gently tap the skin with a soft absorbent towel - do not rub or scrub.

Some important things: You need to make sure to thoroughly rinse the antibacterial soap before the next use. If you use a condom, you can use it even with a few drops of preservative. Do not use a rich preservative. This is because you may be at risk of burns due to unprotected penetration, so be sure to dry the cavity first.