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Versatile Cute Fan Jiang Lizi 110CM Silicone Doll Adult Companion


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Product Informations

Jiang Lizi's background story

She is very attractive. She has a lovely little waist that forms a deep bridge between her little chest and her beautiful buttocks. I like to play in the snow, I can ski for months without getting bored," she said.

"Dancing is a very happy thing for me. When I dance, I can feel that I am the focus of the whole audience. No matter what difficulties I have encountered outside, I will stick to it. Please rest assured, I I will jump very well, study hard, take care of myself and those who help me, don't worry," Lizi said to her parents before leaving.

She is a member of the Chinese minority. She has been influenced by national culture since she was a child. She can sing and dance when she is young. In many competitions, her favorite and best belly dance ranks high. She has always dreamed of going to the United States for a more professional dance education. Although her heart is strong, she is a little doll and needs someone to take care of it. Are you willing to be her guardian during your stay in the United States? When you take her home, she won't cause trouble for you. I believe that your life will not be so boring. You won't feel anxious again, because when she is with you, you will feel at ease. You can now consider what happens when you live together. Oh, too much, hurry to take her home.

Product features:

1.She is a girl who likes to dance.

2.She is a Chinese minority girl, she can satisfy your illusion of exoticism.

3.Her skin is made of silicone material and is durable and resistant to damage.

4.She is small in size, light in weight, easy to move, and easy to store.

5.Her interior contains a metal skeleton that can be used in a variety of postures.

Jiang Lizi's packing list:

1 * doll
1 * External caller pronunciation device
1 * Lower body heating rod
1 * washer
1 set of clothes
1 * blanket
1 *Gloves

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 43 inches(110cm)
Weight: 29 lbs(13kg)
Bust: 24 inches(60cm)
Waist: 13 inches(34cm)
Hips: 25 inches(63cm)
Vagina: 6.7 inches(17cm)
Anus: 4.1 inches(10.5cm)
Mouth: 3.7 inches(9.5cm)
Arm length: 26 inches(66cm)
Foot length: 6.3 inches(16cm)
Packing Size: 39.4*13.8*9.9 inches(100*35*25cm)

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