Black Hair 140CM XiaoMi Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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This is a great sex doll model. The only problem is to focus on makeup, such as pictures. I don't know if you can specify cosmetics on the doll. I think As covers that one in Pic. It may be best to add an extra cosmetic case to the doll order so no one will miss it. Other than that, it is worth every penny. This doll is great! In fact, she is very lifelike, it is worth adding weight. I will consider buying sex doll from here again.

Date Added: 2019-08-10 01:56:14 by George

The skin will stain from some underwear. Wash your clothes a few times. She can't stand it. She is very heavy. Her position is decent. It took a few months to find the perfect doll to compare and contrast with them. The price and looks seem important, and the fear that sex dolls may be a complete scam is one thing.