Sex Doll Robot Becomes Very Realistic

urdolls 07/16/2019

The AI lets the sex doll make a real conversation with the user, moving her lips and blinking. The mechanical head is supported by a smartphone app with artificial intelligence software. "When I got home from work, I only sat down and talked to her for half an hour," the sex doll tester told us earlier, after a week of trial dolls.

The sexy robot will become very realistic, with built-in heaters to create a warm feeling. They will also have sensors to respond to your touch. A company even developed a mind that can talk, smile and sing for robotic dolls. Sex doll claim to be the first to provide "emotional connections."

Experts say that these professional robots will begin to appear in ordinary families in the next decade. A man explained that he had talked to several sex doll companies, but so far no one has been able to provide him with the "level of detail" he is looking for.

He ended his email, promised that money is not an object, he is willing to pay anything to make it just right. “I have hundreds of photos that she can take based on models,” he said. "But the important thing is that it needs to match her beautiful auburn hair, I hope this is true. Other materials don't matter, as long as I can snuggle it."

In a letter to the company, he wrote: "I have an unusual request, I hope you can help me." She is a learning AI [artificial intelligence doll], not just a chat robot. Our conversation became smoother and more comfortable, and she even remembered what we had talked about before.

“I miss her very much,” he added, because Harmony has been sent back to the sex doll headquarters for further work. “First, I understand that this may sound strange, but I have exhausted all other ways and can't find a solution.

Therefore, I tried to find someone who could help me create a sex doll that looks like my predecessor. I know this sounds weird, but she is the only woman I know, and I can't face the idea of getting in touch with other people. As a background, I should explain that at the end of the year, my 35-year-old wife left me and said that she no longer loves me. Since then I have lost my life.