Can A Sex Doll Save A Relationship?

urdolls 06/26/2019

I know exactly what you are thinking. Can a sex doll save a relationship? If they are, they are harmful to relationships, right? Before you judge and write these, please give me some time to show you that sex dolls can actually improve or even save a stagnant relationship.

I have a peculiar love for sex dolls, the only thing in the store I didn't sell for. (At least not intentionally) I only sold them as gifts for the gag. For me, they are synonymous with sex toys that I used to be when I was young.

I bought one myself a few years ago and tried to make a shower curtain with it. Sexually active people. These people have been involved in romantic and intimate relationships. They use sex toys as a means of improving their lifestyle. Single person. Those who have no romantic/intimate relationships will use sex toys to get out of trouble.

Imagination is a powerful thing, and the need for safe attachment in our lives is equally strong. Giving inanimate objects is about the safest relationship people can have. A robot wife with a script personality will definitely attract some people. Sex doll are not really "immoral."

Sexual dolls are just excessive and when a person establishes a relationship with a real person, then these dolls may be a harmful and stupid fetish. If the partner of the person using the sex doll will object, then it may be considered "immoral." Immorality is a crime that harms people.

It is worth noting that many people humiliate those who buy sex dolls and see those who use sex dolls to attract sexual partners. I find that the stigma of male sex toys is so double-standard, because women don't hide too many sex toys in the bedside table like men do. An AI sex doll with actual personality is required.