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Thick Big Ass Drooping Big Breasts TPE doll 163 CM Novia Hill


Skin Color

Eye Color


Pubic Hair

Feet Option

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Product Informations

Novia is from the United States, she is smart and powerful. You can see it all from her huge ass. She has a body that is shocking. The drooping H cup large breasts are elastic. It is not surprising considering the people who have had her disturbing past. She is a 26-year-old local activist who likes to play tennis. Although she is still moving forward, she can now be a sex coach. By doing so, she hopes to find answers to past events and eventually find happiness she has never had before.
She was born and raised in a wealthy family in a merchant port. She lived happily until she was about 11 years old, but at that time life changed dramatically. She lost her father in a weird fire and was ignored by everyone. With a new friend, she must survive in a bad world. But with her wisdom and talent, she managed to escape from hell and overcome all difficulties. This made her a woman today.
The box includes:
1 *sex doll
1 * wig
1 *comb
1 set of * gloves
1 set * sexy underwear
1 *Vaginal heating rod
1 *Vaginal cleaning tool

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 64.2 inches(163cm)
Weight: 106.9 lbs(48.5kg)
Bust: 37.8 inches(96cm)
Waist: 26.4 inches(67cm)
Hips: 43.3 inches(110cm)
Vagina: 7.1 inches(18cm)
Anus: 6.3 inches(16cm)
Mouth: 5.1 inches(13cm)
Arm length: 22.5 inches(57cm)
Foot length: 7.9 inches(20cm)