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First of all, not all Japanese sex dolls are actually solid silicone. They have been few, or have been or have been heavy. Such dolls are usually heavier than real girls of the same size. This also causes the bones and joints to be stronger to handle the heavy problems of all silicones, which in turn increases the weight of the doll. Early mech dolls were often referred to as tanks because they weighed more than 150 pounds. To be fair, this is a big doll. Not a skinny guy, but there was no XL before.

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I don't remember whether Japanese sex doll have foam cores. To solve this problem. Most doll manufacturers will use foam cores on the skeleton to expand the size of the doll and reduce the amount of silicone needed to make the doll. Some dolls have more bubbles than other dolls, but this is quite common practice. Yes, it is technically misleading to say that a doll is a "solid silicone" doll, but it is not honest. When I said that you don't want a really strong silicone doll. Please believe me, holding a large doll. I will answer your question about repairing Japanese sex dolls in another article later.

2019-10-07 04:51:02

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