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Spend Enough Time To Warm Up Japanese Sex Doll



I have been looking for Japanese sex dolls that are easy to transport/concealed but fully functional. So far, I have found a doll of the elf type from urdolls. Prices range from $500 to $5,000 (after delivery). More than I want to transport. Does anyone know of other functional dolls (not torso, fabric or inflatable toys) in this size range? Waiting for delivery on Monday in the trailer on the weekend until the mid-20s. When she arrived, she was cold and stiff, so I placed her under the electric blanket for a few hours at moderate temperatures. After heating, she is warm, soft and soft, with no signs of damage from cold weather. I will deliberately move the joints of Japanese sex dolls when she can't touch cold. Because I think silicone is more likely to tear and/or damage joints.

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Because silicone and special foam cores are good insulators. So you may need to spend enough time to warm up Japanese sex doll. Give her a warm up, she will be fine. The cold has no effect on silicone, especially in the short term. Plastics are usually sensitive to low temperatures. Cold can make the plastic brittle, so I recommend avoiding impact and bending the joint. Which kind of transportation do you plan to use? This may help determine which dolls can work. So far, it sounds like you are on the right track. Size, weight and flexibility can be a major issue for transportation and hiding. The doll looks great, but I can buy an Elf doll and a Mini to love the doll at the price of Virgin Rose. (Small size, small breasts, very soft or no bones or joints. The main interest is to be able to store dolls in smaller spaces. I really like Japanese sex dolls. But the 42-inch and 36.5-pound toy boxes need a very Large and sturdy storage.

2019-10-07 04:35:19

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