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170CM Sexy Mixed-race Leila Tobias Big Breasts TPE Sex Doll



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Eye Color : *

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Pubic Hair : *

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Product Informations

Leila will ensure your sexual life is classified with her realistic vagina, anus and mouth. She has no resistance. She hopes that a talented man will lose her virginity. Are you the man she is looking for? This real love doll also has a beautiful areola. She is a doll, you can be confident, you will never get bored, because her body is just a happy playground and will continue to give.

Leila is a Chinese-American mixed-race. Her father is American and her mother is Chinese. She has white skin, short silver hair, and blue eyes. She is a beautiful girl with a half-hearted, tender and beautiful girl. The body is very sexy, with a charming E cup big breasts.

Because she often has no physical strength at home, a little vigorous exercise will pant, and she will not hurt anyone, as long as she does not take weapons. She is the kind of girl who can easily write her feelings on her face.
Her life is shy and she is very afraid of life. Although it is able to chat smoothly during the network broadcast, when talking face to face, she will become stuttered, need to interrupt the air, and very talkative. The voice is too small. If you don't have a microphone, the sound will be small enough to make a normal conversation. When talking to my sister, things often evolve into a wonderful sight that the other party is in front of us, but speaks through the microphone. When you are in a state of tension, you will get a habit of holding the chest part of your clothes. As long as the degree of shyness exceeds a certain value, it will show the habit of attacking the opponent in front of you. She has the instinct to “shift the subject when the girl is forced to rush, and she often tries to blur the focus to answer other people’s questions.
The box includes:
1 *sex doll
1 * wig
1 *comb
1 set of * gloves
1 set * sexy underwear
1 *Vaginal heating rod
1 *Vaginal cleaning tool

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 67 inches(170cm)
Weight: 79 lbs(36kg)
Bust: 36 inches(92cm)
Waist: 20 inches(50cm)
Hips: 36 inches(92cm)
Vagina: 7.9 inches(20cm)
Anus: 7.9 inches(20cm)
Mouth: 4.7 inches(12cm)
Arm length: 26 inches(66cm)
Foot length: 7.1 inches(23cm)
Packing Size: 63*16.6*12.3 inches(160*42*31cm)

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