Men Generally Focus on Sex Dolls Breasts or Hips?

urdolls 07/05/2019

Men love women because their instinct leads them to copy themselves. Men like to stick to this instinct, they look for signs of health, such as big breasts and big cigarette butts. You can easily notice that the discussion on the site is always around the chest or ass of the sex doll. Men will discuss facial features, shoulders, ears, fingers, etc. This is extremely rare. Their interest in women is purely sexual and has a copying purpose, even if it is something they don't know.

Women don't know this, they still think they are loved by their souls. They think men love them because they are who they are. On the contrary, many men think that women like their big detectives or big muscles, and the only thing they care about is the man's soul. This type of difference and mysterious incomprehension between men and women has led many women and men to encounter problems in finding women or men.

We all know that in the past few decades, technology has changed a lot, and almost all products on the market have been made different and more realistic. The same happens with sex dolls. Of course, not all men or women are like this. This is just the general trend.

The love for "big ass" often means being afraid to break the woman's body with their guys, they need a big butt to appease them. An ass, they can fight, which will resist the attack of the dick. This idea was invented by porn culture and hip-hop culture.

This is also a taste for women who look like horses, they can jump like wild animals. Because the horse has a big spoil. The will to reproduce in the way of animals (from the back). The love for big breasts is also for reproduction. The bigger the chest, the more milk the offspring will have. Therefore, women with “bigger chests” are more like women than women.

This is telling me. It is a prominent part of the body like the body. It makes men want to touch, grab and hold those breasts, just like some women want to grab and touch a cock. All in all, men generally focus on the breasts or hips (sometimes the feet). This is why many manufacturers build a body that focuses on the breasts and buttocks, and the rest of the body lacks detail, beauty or interest, which does not prevent men from buying these dolls because they only care about the hips and breasts.

If you remove the chest from a woman, the man will immediately discard the woman. Only her breasts are important. The doll's face is very optional when they choose the "doll". On the contrary, the beauty of men is much more complicated, and the entire body, including the face, is important. When we think of a sex doll, most of us end up thinking of an explosion doll that we have seen several times in some porn movies or someone's place. However, the market for sex dolls has grown to a very unimaginable level.