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What Made You Decide to Buy A Sex Doll?

urdolls 07/02/2019

These realistic dolls can be used for vaginal, anal, oral sex and breasts. A good factor for several "realistic love dolls" is that you will customize the doll to your liking. We don't have the extra cost of other companies like we do, and we want to make sure you can afford what you really want.

Sex dolls provide a natural look, so you can satisfy it with a high degree of pleasure. Some sex dolls are made of plastic. To provide a better product, other substances are added that may react chemically with other substances. For some, sex dolls are better than women and vow to remain immune to popular beliefs about conflict.

I just want to find the first personality doll. Is your narrative "the world of sex dolls"? One of the challenges facing the media is that they tend to decide how they will construct their “decided” narrative before collecting data. In other words, if you catch my drift, people often don't get two sides of the same coin.

You are going to leave an open mind for those who watch the short film, so that they can decide whether the sex doll are good or bad, or will they make a certain narrative on the bat? If it is the latter one, it is attention, otherwise it is not.

Now, what makes you decide to buy a sex doll. One of our customers replied: mainly because of sexual setbacks, I also want to try it. I think, "You only live once, and you only need to try something before you die." When he first found this sex doll website a year ago, he is very suspicious now. He has a rigid reaction. "These are just creepy, psychopathic people," but he read a post, "Yes. What brought you to the doll?", all 100 pages. This changed his mind.

This made me realize that there are people from all walks of life; the reasons for their purchase of sex dolls are as follows:
- Some people are physically disabled and cannot meet organic women.
- Some people are married and want to add some long-lasting spices to their marriage.
- Other widows, they can never find a wife who replaces their beloved woman,
- Others who only want "high-end sex toys", for some of them, they find more than just "sex toys".
Some people want to do photography,
- Here (I believe?) I want to use his doll to improve his tailoring skills.
- Others only want to be with them. Interestingly, dolls can add some very real and very interesting substances. Sex dolls provide a very real existence, more real than the real dead body! Think about that one carefully. I mean, there is a very deep and profound thing.
- Finally, due to the combination of all of these reasons, those with selective dolls. We can conclude this: mainly because most people still have natural biological needs, not because they are "weird."

So, what is the reason for my dream? Mainly to get rid of my dreams of sexual frustration and despair (plus we can practice sexual endurance, haha). If you plan to find a real girlfriend in time.

Most of the media reports I have seen about sex dolls are "bad, threats to interpersonal relationships, things tempted by crime, objectification of women, etc." They rarely see positive aspects of “sex doll ownership”, such as dealing with loneliness, satisfying sexual needs without prostitution and/or physically limiting this.