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The Size of A Sex Doll Affects Its Price and How to Use It

urdolls 08/09/2019

Sexual arousal can be strong, because the more this person imagines, the more it sounds like a robot, the more likely he is to act in a robot-like way. Those who like to use fetishes call themselves technical. This is a fantasy-based wake-up, and robotic superstitious individuals will think of sexual scenes that engage in sexual activity with robotic costumes or robot-related people. The size of a sex doll affects its price and how to use it. Full-size dolls over 5 feet are much heavier than small ones.

Japanese men's demand for adult dolls is growing rapidly. You can ask your doll maker to customize your doll to look at the girls you crushed during school. They are very realistic in anatomical detail and appearance, they have a beautiful face and body. Since a sex doll is made of a metal frame and she has many fixed and movable joints, she will be flexible enough.

Robot fetishism sometimes includes another fetish variant in which an individual gains sexual excitement by imagining himself as a robot. This is a well-known famous superstition of transformation. These are conceptually similar to those in a furry fandom who gain sexual excitement by imagining themselves as animal hybrids or any animal.

Rubber dolls range in price from $100 to $500. They were more popular before the silicone dolls took over. The main problem with rubber dolls is that it is porous. It is possible for mold and bacteria to start growing on it. You have to make sure it is always clean and dry.

I have a general policy! For tpe sex doll, I think it is good for us. It can meet the sexual needs of many people, promote the harmony of husband and wife, and reduce the sexual abuse of children. By the way, we also sell many mini dolls on our website.

Most dolls of this size weigh more than 90 pounds. Can you easily pick up and position a 5'1" woman? If not, you should consider buying a smaller sex doll. Size is not the only factor that affects the weight of the doll.