What Have You Always Wanted to Do with Your Sex Doll?

urdolls 07/31/2019

No matter what you imagine, sex dolls can really add it, and many couples find their sexuality more expressive and creative. Some models of dolls offer internal heating, self-lubricating genitals, and even touch sensors. According to the person in charge of the artificial intelligence doll, these responsible persons are still in progress.

“The second batch will add some new features to the head, such as cameras for face and object recognition, de facto touch sensors, embedded speakers and more facial expressions,” she told us. When walking, talking about sex robots seems to belong to Westworld, and this technology is brewing.

Although you won't mistake them for real humans (except possibly in the distance), sex doll companies, including urdolls, have introduced artificial intelligence dolls that can talk and move their limbs. "Of course we don't want our artificial intelligence dolls to be like humans. After all, we are just making adult products." But we will definitely add more advanced technology. For example, let the limb move more naturally. "

After holding the sex doll firmly, you need to move your fist up and down to rub the skin along the penis, which will give you the greatest pleasure. To make this process more enjoyable, people can enjoy the privilege of using essential oils such as oil or any cream that helps reduce the amount of heat generated during the rubbing process.

There are a lot of men who like to do this in a tough way, ie don't use any lubricants in order to release some pre-cum in the process. What can you do with a doll? What have you always wanted your partner to do? Many people like oral sex, but their partners may not want to do this, or they don't do it often.