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Some Smaller TPE Dolls Look Realistic from The Waist Up



“Asian” sex dolls also seem to have a big market. Most of the other dolls I have seen look very European. I have seen some people who may be Hispanic Latin, but I don't think I have seen a picture of an African-American doll, not counting the dolls on the title of this website (who reminds me of some singer Rhianna). I don't know if someone has chosen a particular "race" doll. There are also some smaller dolls that look realistic from the waist up. But if they are real women, they will be considered "dwarves."

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These seem to be easier to handle and store than life-size tpe sex doll. Finally, I know that many of you have combined your doll hobbies with photography. I would love to see the best photos of the dolls you think you have taken. With regard to the subject of photography, how much work needs to be done to set up photo shoots. Or this process can be very different. Maybe if you can tell me some of the most ambitious and/or artistic photos you have ever played.

2019-08-02 02:50:20

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