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The Reason Behind Your Selective TPE Sex Doll



I want to know more about the reasons behind your selective doll. For example, if you have an 'unrealistic' anime style doll. Then you prefer this real doll. vice versa? Your sex doll purchase has always been very disappointing for you? First of all, has anyone bought a doll, really disappointed or at least not satisfied? If so, why? (ie what is wrong with the doll). Hey guys - I know there are a lot of comments about dolls, of course, the online catalog is very wide, so I am a bit lazy here. However, if you like dolls that are popular and not so popular. Then your help will be very good.

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I have read about reading problems such as tpe sex doll that have some damage. For example, if this happens, will the manufacturer solve the problem. For those who are very satisfied with the doll. What kind of doll is it? You know: huge eyes, big head, small body but big bust - like many of the estrogens like the Pixar character. What attracts you to this doll. I have seen dolls very realistic, and on the other hand. The doll looks more like a cartoon/anime character than a real woman.

2019-08-02 02:35:27

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