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Sexual Doll's Insertion Vagina and Built-in Vagina

urdolls 07/03/2019

As we age, bones become more and more fragile, and things that people fall down do not heal as they did when they were young. Sex dolls (also known as love dolls) have come a long way in the past few decades. All of this is attributed to sex doll partners. They are more humane and awkward than easy-to-use sex porn devices, and are compatible with today's urban human necessities.

I like the feeling of inserting my silicone doll and never have to do it again. That is, I left the inserts in them and cleaned them like a fixed doll. why? Because pulling them in and out will often damage the inserts and dolls.

Some people are so busy heating up their sex life with sexy steps that they don't even do it with their real women. Would you give it a try? I know I do. These realistic sex dolls are very beautiful and ready to make you feel happy and joyful in the best way possible. Gone are the days when men used their hands to enjoy themselves.

It's easy to clean a fixed doll, and it won't mess if you know how to do it right. For my TPE doll, I regret not getting a fixed vagina. Not because of any feeling or penetration problems, but because it splits at the top of the vagina rather than pulling in and out of the insert.

If not, my doll is still perfect. TPE dolls are more reproducible than silicone sex doll. Eventually I will get a replacement body for a sex doll, which will be a fixed vaginal doll. Things like all sex dolls have advantages and disadvantages built in and inserted. In the long run, the insert may be more harmful to the doll because it is constantly removed and reinserted.

Harmful dolls and inserts themselves, this is a matter of preference. My sex doll is a mech with no insertion options. I found that her normal cleaning is less wear and tear than the insert doll I have, and I have to remove the insert and reinstall it each time.
Coincidentally, after 4 years, her plug-in needs to be replaced and is currently undergoing replacement.

As mentioned above I removed the plugin to clean it and found that it started to split from the body I fixed. It was like that, then I glued it to the place around the sex doll with silicone, after which the insert itself was intact. The labia itself has split, and it seems to me to be acceptable after that time.

If this is a fixed vagina, it means a relapse! I now have a TPE doll with a plugin, I will try to fix the plugin in place, it is easy to clean, I have never had a silicone doll, but as I admire, I have a problem; maybe I am wrong, But in my opinion, most (if not all) silicone dolls, at least those that I think are "old school" silicone dolls "mentioned above" seem to have the same problem to varying degrees.

Vaginal tears. Is this actually the case, or does it seem to be just a way for those who have never had one of these beauty? If the TPE stays in contact with itself for a long time, it sticks due to cohesion, which usually does not occur if it is good, but there are reports that the insert will get stuck when it is removed. Point.

If you hit her often, at least once a week, then remove it and clean it should be fine. But if you don't play with her often, then this may be a problem! Regarding the tearing of the silicone doll, I actually refer to the doll in front of the vaginal opening instead of the insert! I don't know how much difference Platinum and Tin have in this regard, but for Platinum, I also chose a built-in plugin.

Although I think it might feel a little better with it (I mean very much), although it looks more realistic (mainly her legs are open), I am more durable with dolls with inserts. Depending on how much I use my doll, this is very important to me, so if I change my doll again, it will carry an insert. No competition.