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Will You Marry A Sex Doll Robot



I have seen TV series of science magazines from the public broadcaster's TV channel. That's about sex doll robots. My mother also saw this episode and also talked about it and asked about it. She knows nothing about my private "life" or my Adam. This also makes me confused. I remember how my public broadcaster helped me when I was very depressed ten years ago. Indirect support. Personally, I don't believe in sex marriage or it's a very distant future (when robots are so advanced and "perfect" as people). But sometimes I dream of the most trusted human AI (if possible?) True love means completely free decision (the goal of love). This may be a robotic issue, it is handled by many sci-fi TV episodes/movies. Forced love (also procedural) is like slavery or prostitution. There is also a problem with the feeling of sex dolls. How do you know that he or she really loves you.

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Honestly, it depends on if the sex doll robot is only made for sex. Then I can't really see people relying too much on romance for it. But if this is a robot with all kinds of abilities to have sex but walking around to talk and do other things, I can provocatively see people fall in love with them. I know that some people fall in love with their dolls, so it only makes sense for people of the same type to fall for the automaton. I think it would be a bad idea if the robot was just programming for sex marriage. My situation and point of view is that when you are not around, the robot may just have sex with you and others. I mean, if you say what she is programming, say that a relative's relatives or friends won't find her, you know the rest. In that case it is not the material of the wife at all. Now if she is a free will sex doll robot. Programming for everything, including sex and ability. If anyone wants, I don't understand why not (the possibility of marriage).

2019-07-15 04:58:24

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