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How far is the artificial intelligence doll from us?

urdolls 04/24/2019

Every day, more and more men and women around the world are taking the first step towards owning sex dolls. As mentioned in the last diary - no resentment. It was a wonderful time, but it must end now. The weeks after the decision to buy a silicone doll were difficult. Everyday life quickly catches up with me, and all the problems and responsibilities make you think of other things.

Many sex doll companies are investing heavily in the development of this technology, and you can already see some of their progress: one of the companies is committed to combining cutting-edge emerging technologies with TPE sex doll art to provide technology and human emotions. a bridge between the psychological and physical dimensions. The next generation of well-known anatomically correct fusions of artificial intelligence, robots, touch sensors, internal heaters and virtual reality. These new dolls will have an animated face that is synchronized with the application that the user can talk to and interact with. The goal behind the project is to create an illusion or substitute reality in the relationship with the doll. These sex dolls will have the ability to listen, remember and speak as naturally as the living. They will have ultra-realistic features, warmth and sensors that respond to touch. When interacting with these dolls,

If you have the money to spend money, you can get a custom sex doll, which can include a highly realistic look. There are some photographers and sex dolls on the market who have done a lot of work. Fashion designers also use these dolls to try on their outfits. Different types of sex toys have different forms of sensation. The first selective toy can be confusing and you will be confused.

For the past two decades, we have been creating the most realistic silicone dolls in the world. Today we will proceed to the next step, creating a robotic head that will have facial expressions as well as eye and mouth movements, learning capabilities of artificial intelligence applications, virtual reality systems, headphone adapters including Bluetooth speakers, embedded touch sensors and Internal heater.

Urdolls itself is a surreal concept of a plastic model. The public response prompted us to make them anatomically correct and sexually functional. The next natural step has been to add AI, sensors, heaters and robotics to dolls; in the past five years alone, the emergence of new technologies has provided us with the tools to make this possible.

A division of the Sex Doll Robot Manufacturer dedicated to adding robotics and artificial intelligence to its acclaimed surreal anatomically correct silicone doll. I am a person and can't wait to have my own sexy robots - I hope they also have a chef and a clean mode!

Do you or someone you know strongly want to provide more or better sex on demand? Can you imagine a robot that feels "sexy"? If so, it is the intrinsic market and the ultimate service provider. Given that robots are life-size and “lifelike” sex dolls, robots are being built for home use, and complex AI robotics are being built in other industries, and you are likely to have the opportunity to be “smart” “robots in your life.. .... whatever it means.