How to care for and clean your silicone adult doll?

urdolls 05/08/2019

Scrubbing will remove any residue left over from your doll's use. Many people like oral sex, but their partners may not want to do this, or they don't do it often. See how they will look at real people. In general, these sex dolls set up a bridge between fantasy and reality. You can really take a hot bath with a silicone doll. TPE does not allow this.

This is the most delicate part of keeping a silicone sex doll. Using a condom can help you avoid many restrictions, although you should not forget to rinse her with a little water to remove the lubricant.

Most dolls are equipped with a vaginal irrigator (or vaginal douche). After use, flush the holes with the pump we provided. A soft absorbent cloth is then inserted into the holes to absorb the remaining moisture. If you need to clean the outside, just wash the sex doll with water and soap. Wipe until dry, do not use a hair dryer, because if you heat the toy more than 40oC it can start to melt. Then apply some baby powder on her skin, which will absorb any moisture and improve the touch.

To dry the holes, we recommend the use of tampon, one for the mouth, two for the vagina (behind each other) and two for the anal opening (behind each other). The tampon is easier to insert, soaks in moisture, does not produce fluff, and can be easily removed with a strip. The tampon is saturated with most of the sperm-lubricant mixture. This allows you to move the doll without worrying about falling out of something. You can remove the tampon in a few minutes.

For those who don't like condoms and ensure maximum happiness, you must take care of your silicone doll's vagina. You just need to sit up and insert the detergent, and gravity will do the rest. Real dolls are actually created by professional sculptors, and every detail, such as the face, body and hole, is centered on your happiness.