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What features does the sex doll robot have?

urdolls 04/24/2019

In these real dolls, qualitative criteria and external similarities are difficult or inadequate to satisfy. With human wigs, soft skin, touching facial features and seductive curves, at first glance, sex dolls can hardly be distinguished from real women. And the price is fair! Just browse our online store.

When TPE sex doll have realistic robotic functions, they can engage in sexual and non-sexual conversations. She can connect to wifi so she can discuss weather and politics in real time, making her look very realistic. She is equipped with features, likes to talk, hearing and auditory reactions and sensory contact.

The Bluetooth speaker will link to the sex doll AI app. They are not the answer to the AI app from the mobile device, but from the Bluetooth speaker, which embeds a special skull cap that fits your doll head to provide a better experience. If you already have a sex doll, you can place the head adapter on the doll's skull and talk to her through the sex doll app installed on your smartphone.

Adult dolls have different styles and characteristics, so it ensures better emotions and pleasure when using this doll. This is because sex dolls solve a very common problem: they can't meet or have sex with real people in real life. You will be spoiled by choice and trying to determine which sex doll is right for your gender will be quite difficult.

You only need to install the sex doll AI app on your smartphone. Please note that AI content is for adults, but we can easily customize it to suit the needs of any project.

Although single men are the majority of customers, many of them are married men, and their sexual desires differ greatly from their wives. Men buy sex dolls to make up for their lack of sex in their marriages, rather than doing things with their partners. Single men no longer need to leave their house or experience the hassle of having sex with someone.

These dolls are currently priced from $4,000 to $10,000. They can already respond to touch, listen, speak, and play any sexual fantasies they need. In the next decade, they will only become more accessible, more realistic and more human. This will completely change the way the adult industry behaves, change the way people relate to it, and change everyone's sexual life.

Do robotic dolls have sensors or other accessories? Vendors are investigating several different sensors and sensor-equipped plug-ins to increase the way AI reacts to users. There will be touch sensors, accelerometers, and internal heaters, a technology that can be used to remotely control sex toys. Are you exploring technology to bring internal heating and liquid compartments to enhance the body's feel and function? absolute. We have multiple R&D projects, these are just a few of them!

We believe that our products will allow for options that have never existed before, and for some people, may represent happiness that they never thought of. We also believe that this technology will prove to be a very effective way to help some people overcome social anxiety or relationship phobia. Robotic dolls will be shipped to the world in a sturdy, unmarked box.