How to customize the best sex dolls?

urdolls 04/19/2019

How to customize a sex doll? If you want your sex dolls to look more like real-life people, you can completely customize the head-to-toe sex dolls based on your photos. There are many reasons why you should and should choose and order from us today. For example, she can stand, she has body temperature, and she can lick during sex, then you should pay extra for these features.

When customizing a doll, first you need to choose the height. Then choose the skin color and eye color for your sex doll. Finally choose the built-in or insert, pubic or no-and stand function for your doll. Of course you can also choose the default option. You got her is what it looks like in the picture.

These sex dolls are not only very realistic, but can be tailored to your tastes, and you must keep in mind your budget when viewing all the options for doll cost. 44% of women aged 18 to 60 have used at least one-time toys, and sex dolls are the first to buy. How often do you feel about having sex with someone of the same gender but not wanting to do it with another person? In all of these cases, sex dolls can serve you.

If our website does not provide the options or features you need, please contact us to learn more about how your doll looks before paying. Some of our smart dolls also have the ability to customize touch and voice conversations.

When it comes to the physical appearance of sex dolls, there are many options because they come in a variety of shapes and numbers. When choosing the perfect sex doll, you should ask yourself some questions about your sexual orientation.

Choose options and custom unique dolls for you. Simply select the option and add it to the shopping cart and we will produce it according to your requirements. The more personal taste the better, you should get this doll, if really you really respect the experience and test. Get this custom doll, I believe you will love it.