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How to choose the size and weight of a sex doll?

urdolls 04/19/2019

Today, a wide variety of sex dolls on the market are becoming more intelligent and customizable. Remember, like men, women's sex dolls also exist. According to your wishes, you can spray perfume on your doll without any disadvantages. Love dolls and masturbation or penis rings are all sex toys.

If you want to know how big a size and weight a sex doll is for you, you need to ask yourself two questions, “How much space do you have to store sex dolls?” “How is your physical strength and energy?” When you choose a doll, you need One thing you know is height. With the height, the weight will follow. Usually, the higher your doll, the heavier she is.

No matter which height you choose, there are pros and cons. Dolls larger than 100cm can be inserted into the vagina. Realistic dolls are currently very realistic, they are accompanied by effective eyes and a feeling of real touch on the skin. A creator, Eastern Industries, will even modify a doll to your careful preconditions, so you can choose her bust size, hair shadows, eyes and every little thing of her directly to the movable finger.

These sex dolls are not only very realistic, but can also be customized to your taste. It may contain minimal bacteria. Therefore, the sex toy must be cleaned before and after each use. Some of these dolls are being equipped with artificial intelligence - including a sexual robot that actually reacts to romance. This includes anatomically correct anus, foot work, bouncing the breasts to shaking the ass. Depending on the amount you are willing to spend, you can get some or all of the features.

As for the height of a sex doll, you should consider whether you have enough space to store or hide the doll. Sex dolls range in height from approximately 60 cm to 170 cm. If you don't have a convenient storage solution like a special cabinet, then you'd better buy a small doll that is 100 cm (3 feet 3 inches) or less. If you want to keep your doll on the bed or have enough space to store the doll in the right way, then you can choose a taller or adult-sized sex doll for a more realistic feel.

As for the weight of the doll, you should think twice before deciding to choose a doll. Many customers said when they received their new sex dolls that the first sentence they said was "Wow, it is heavier than I thought!".

The weight of a doll can be challenging. Sex dolls of medium and adult size can weigh about 40 kg, while mini dolls weigh about 12 kg. If you want huge breasts and juicy butt, the doll will get heavier. So ask yourself, do you have the strength and energy to move and lift a big sex doll? Are you suitable to put the doll in the right place when making love? If you are a complete beginner and are not sure about these things, then I suggest you buy sex dolls ranging from 30kg to 40kg, which will strike a good balance between realism and comfort.

When you buy a sex doll, you can fully consider the pros and cons of the above factors. Choose the sex dolls that suit you. Of course, you can also buy mini dolls. Although they are light enough, they don't look gorgeous, and it's harder to forget that you are fucking sex dolls when you have sex with them instead of real. Girl.

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