Sex Doll Price Difference Decryption

urdolls 04/24/2019

With the development of these dolls, you can actually get what you want at a very affordable price. The thing about sex dolls is that they are really built for your fun. You can find sex dolls in all sizes, shapes and colors. After each use, you must use the same procedure for cleaning and storage in a fine manner, so you can extend the life of your sex toy.

The price of the same TPE sex doll varies on different websites, mainly due to product quality, material materials, and different manufacturing processes. We found that many users do not understand the price of sex dolls selling such high prices, plus many unscrupulous merchants selling fake sex dolls, hanging pictures of authentic dolls, actually selling inferior and cheap inflatable dolls, so many People are deceived, so that many people are also skeptical about sex dolls, so they are even more reluctant to understand why physical dolls are so expensive. So today we specialize in decrypting:

One: material
It is soft and smooth, white in flesh, high in surface smoothness and strong in authenticity.
Two: smell
Real goods have a faint scent, some are not, almost close to tasteless.
Three: function
Good quality dolls can be used repeatedly without problems.
Four: health and safety
TPE materials are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have no negative effect on the human body.
Five: performance characteristics
High-quality solid dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorlessness, high hygiene level, high transparency after molding, anti-yellow, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertness and resistance to biological aging.
The above is the experience of purchasing dolls summarized by urdolls. The real sex dolls are made of TPE and silica gel. The high-quality dolls are elastic, soft and soft, and they feel cool. These experiences can help you identify the true and false of the doll. We hope to help more doll lovers. Avoid being deceived.