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What is the ultimate goal of the robotic doll system?

urdolls 04/24/2019

TPE sex doll robots for us, the key words are "personality, respect, love and compassion." When you first install the app, you will be able to create and customize 3D avatars. The next step is to select the multiple attributes, characteristics, and emotions that you find attractive. These initial choices will affect how the AI behaves when you interact with you.

You can make your AI version more or less happy, shy, sensual, fun, talkative, etc. This means that every user will have a unique experience with his virtual companion. Users can interact with the Harmony application independently, connect applications to robot head dolls, and even connect applications to virtual reality platforms.

Is the AI application similar to SIRI, Cortana, Alexa or Google Talk? Vendors are currently working on creating a fully customizable application that can fully customize the visual aspects of 3D avatars and AI personalities, expressing love and feelings, not just as digital assistants. Of course there will be many similarities. The AI app will have some accessibility features to search for information on the web or set reminders to help users view weather, time, storytelling, alarms, tasks and to-do lists, but everything will be done with more personality than people Expectations for a typical personal assistant based on AI. The sex doll app is very different from the existing AI app and can contact you in ways you might not expect.

What is the ultimate goal of the AI system? We want users to have the illusion that the doll is actually talking to you, and she already has a feeling. This will be something that overwhelm our users. This is the longest. We have spent many years building a basic personality for our artificial intelligence system, and it will continue to evolve over time.

Singles who want to make love but are not ready, or those who are worried that their appearance may disappoint others, will also get some comfort from these sex dolls. More curvaceous sex dolls will cost more than slimmer dolls. You can always rely on sex dolls to achieve sexual pleasure. For people with certain conditions, it is very difficult to meet and even meet with them. In many cases, sex dolls are the only chance for them to gain physical intimacy.

I am already the owner of the smart doll. Can AI applications be enjoyed without the need to develop robot heads? Yes. All you need to do is install the sex doll app on your smartphone and put our Bluetooth speaker in your doll's head so that her voice will come from your sex doll for a more natural experience without the need for a complete robot head The economic investment required for the system.

Is it possible to have only sex dolls AI app, no dolls or robot heads? Yes. The app will be full-featured software, offering customizable 3D avatars and artificial intelligence, with or without physical dolls. We hope that at least sex dolls can love us to simulate this. This is the goal. The idea is that if one feels loved, then one must be loved.