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Will sex doll robots replace Amazon Alexa as a family gadget?

urdolls 04/20/2019

With the development of technology, sex doll manufacturers combine artificial intelligence with sex dolls. The era of sex doll robots is coming soon. Will sex doll robots replace AI smart devices in the near future? For example to replace Amazon Alexa as a home gadget.

When it comes to smart homes, you may have heard the name "Alexa" whether you have an Amazon device or not. This is the name you call when you ask a question - if you have an Echo device or a speaker that supports Alexa. Amazon's Virtual Assist is a female voice that talks to you in a conversational way and is ready to help you a lot. She has been integrated into several of the company's products and has begun to enter third-party devices such as GE Lights and Sonos One Speakers. Alexa can perform a variety of simple tasks, such as playing music, but you can also use Alexa in smart homes to dim the lights, lock the door, adjust the thermostat and control other smart home devices.

You may feel that you need to have sexual contact with your partner out of the box and not be able to communicate with him or her. They are also an incredible gift for people with mental or physical disabilities. First of all, I suggest that you always use the best sex doll robot instead of doing it by hand.

Although Amazon's Alexa-controlled Echo speaker is now in its second generation, it still has a lot of deficiencies. When you search online for people's comments about Alexa, it's not hard to find that most of them are bad reviews. Some of them say that Alexa is always running in the background, it crashes randomly on the phone, even if the application is not actually used. It’s frustrating to do something on the phone, and then I get a lot of pop-ups saying that the Alexa app crashes randomly.

"I would think that sex doll robots will replace Alexa because people usually don't like talking to computer objects. But if you have a robot sitting there or even head, I think as human beings, we are more willing to fight against someone when you are robot." When I see something, especially it looks beautiful."

Sex doll experts pointed out that sex doll robots are currently working on "a robot body that can embrace you and can work with you during sexual intercourse." Putting sex aside, in fact they will develop this product in the next year or so and then bring it to market in the next two years, which is amazing for the speed of this technology."

Would you expect the smart robot in the movie to become a reality? They may be your best assistant, partner or lover. Help you remotely control your smart home while providing you with ubiquitous sex.