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Sex Dolls Play A Unique and Important Role

urdolls 08/27/2019

You can buy real sex dolls from different places, offline and online. However, for a number of reasons, a large number of people prefer online selection. In addition to providing you with a wide variety of doll types, a well-known online store offers a wide range of dolls at very competitive prices.

I hope we have convinced you that sex dolls play a unique and important role. Now let's solve the price. To be honest, you can find cheaper TPE sex doll. We just think that there are some things in life that you should not be cheap. Always sleep on a beautiful mattress. Always drink good coffee and beer. Wear good shoes. Use decent skin care products.

Bathe and shower your sex doll or robot. Most owners prefer to bathe with their dolls to clean them after they are intimate. Although even if you have no reason, it is recommended that you give them a maintenance shower every month.

If you are looking for a doll, urdolls can prove to be the best choice for all your doll needs. Simply book your doll from here and enjoy a wider selection of products.

Perhaps more importantly, the use of a sex doll without a lubricant can damage her synthetic meat. Over time, this may result in a shortened life of the sex doll. In order to keep your sex dolls in top condition and provide her with the most interesting and best simulated experience, always use the lubricant generously.

After rinsing your doll with soap and water with your vaginal irrigator, you can gently scrub the inside of your doll with a towel on the stick and then rinse it again to clear her. Buying a soft towel is important because anything that is too rough can cause damage to your doll's overtime work.

How to distinguish: The water burning method is the easiest way to distinguish. Silica gel: Produces white smoke when burned, forming a grayish gray color. TPE: When burned, it emits black smoke like plastic, forming a black oily residue. Finally, whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE doll, as long as it is produced by a common manufacturer, it will be guaranteed in terms of safety and quality.