Does The Artificial Intelligence Sex Doll Have Free Will?

urdolls 07/15/2019

The debate on artificial intelligence and the problem of falling in love with sex dolls or robots are very attractive to me. AI, and the sexual preference of dolls or robots. How can a man-made thing have a "free will" in a "real" way? This is a very important philosophical issue. Unless the AI is actually "out of control," it won't be free.

In the fall of mankind - in the story of Adam and Eve, many people believe both literally and symbolically. Adam and Eve have a free will to begin - otherwise God does not need to ban them from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Interestingly, until they eat this fruit, they get malicious self-awareness (for example, they realize they are naked, shameful, cover up!). God seems to be both angry and sad, betraying him in this way, and driving them out of the garden, living a hard, ordinary, mortal life.

Now, artificial intelligence sex doll may be programmed to approximate "free will", but free will will be meaningless unless it includes the ability to rebel or disobey or refuse. No? or not? I want to know what you think.

Sex dolls as a sexual preference. Recently, more and more (most) men claim that their sexual orientation is a doll/robot. In other words, dolls are not a stop gap, nor a compensation for real women: these men just would rather have a doll.

I communicate with some of these men, who don't see the doll as a dead person - they inject personality, name, etc. into this inanimate object. The insistence on the "authenticity" of the doll is immediately ironic and pardoned. Say to me like this - but from the 'normal' point of view, it suggests mental illness. I was interested in this topic for the first time and gave a lecture about it at the university I was at.

In addition, we have seen a very provocative movie that only involves 4 people, so it's hardly a good sample. Some of these men are clearly uneasy, but some of them seem to be completely "sense", albeit a bit odd. This is one of the most difficult aspects of my students' acceptance: a normal person can fall in love with a doll rather than being crazy.

This is the fall of mankind, but some philosophers think it is a mistake of happiness. Because if Adam and Eve don't have "fallen", we will not develop or learn, work hard or work. In current philosophical/cultural studies, there is little attention to the development of sex dolls. Do you have any thoughts?