Sex Dolls Reverberate in The Adult Toy Market

urdolls 07/31/2019

According to the Korea Times archives. The Supreme Court has lifted the ban on the import of life-size sex dolls from South Korea. The ruling is expected to reverberate in the Korean adult toy market. The court said last week that it recently maintained the decision of the lower court to allow the import of such dolls and ordered the Incheon Customs to allow Korean companies to import.

The ruling opened the door for sex doll manufacturers in other countries and is expected to reverberate through the adult toy market here. In 2017, the Customs confiscated a silicone doll weighing 159 cm and weighing 35 kg. Most people felt uncomfortable buying sex toys in the store.

This issue poses major problems for more traditional countries and especially those in the Middle East, because religion is part of everyone's life. With this in mind, one might think that in order to get the best sex stores online, they should provide convenient delivery and payment methods and privacy for the people in the places mentioned. Religious-based countries, namely Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, etc., require online stores to pay the most attention.

The legal basis is to ban the import of “moral degradation products”. Later, the sex doll company submitted the matter to the court. A local court in Seoul ruled that it would benefit Customs, saying that such dolls would "reduce human dignity." However, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision, stating that state intervention must be minimized in these private matters.

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