Is Sexual Intercourse with A Sex Doll A Masturbation?

urdolls 07/22/2019

If I see a man who announces that he has a sex doll, I personally will be a little delayed. This is not the toy itself, because when it comes down to it, the sexual intercourse with the doll is masturbation, who is not masturbating? In fact, he is willing to spend such a big sum of money on masturbation assistance! However, this is not money.

I have a little artistic side to me and may use it as a model booth with paintings and possible photography; I will not give up so much money without justification. Therefore, I am still considering this issue, not because I am more concerned about any woman who may or may not enter my life in the future, not because it is expensive.

Since the sex doll have become more popular, the interest in sex dolls has grown in all kinds of people. So you can find dolls of almost any race and color. In general, manufacturers in Japan or China produce dolls similar to Asian women, while Caucasians and black dolls are more common in Western markets.

Around the world, more and more men and women are taking the first step towards the ownership of sex dolls every day. Public opinion about dolls is turning to acceptance, and the idea of silicone partners is becoming mainstream. Sex dolls will be part of our lives until we understand them. ”

I agree that this is a huge investment, and I think this will definitely cause new women to ask some questions, why I have spent so much money. With this, I will spend so much to know that I can use the doll for other purposes than sex.

I found that from the very beginning I was a bit too open courtship, that is, the initial messaging stage on the dating site caused the woman I was talking about to get a distorted and inaccurate view.