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I Received an Interesting Reply from The Love of The D Cup Sex Doll



Hey, my friends, I received a very interesting reply about the theory of my sex doll's love, and I came up with a 'theory. I admit that this is a bit humorous, and I hope that no one thinks this is offensive. Of course, I realize that there are many reasons why a person might get a doll. But I want to know, will my theory have any relationship with anyone? Read on to see if... due to complex social and cultural reasons. It is now more difficult for people to have a "death with us" relationship. In the 21st century, many adult sexual behaviors are sexual dolls.

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As stated in the theory, casual sexual behavior is socially acceptable. This means more freedom, but the lack of sex doll in accidental sexual behavior can lead to confusion, misunderstanding and emotional pain. Marriage is not like the past - not a sacred lifelong commitment, but a long-term contract that, if it becomes difficult, is easy to terminate. Still, most men (I am only focusing on men now) find it difficult to be single. Many studies have shown that single men are more likely to be depressed than married men. Men are really hard to control frustration, women, even sex dolls.

2019-08-26 10:03:26

However, if you become interested in dolls, it will be difficult to resist them. You have to be careful here, no one will judge whether you are all of us or the owner of the future, and dolls are our passion and some of the reasons for their lives. You can enter a closed private space where no one can enter, it is best to start here.

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