I Turned and Forgot The D Cup Sex Doll I Bought



Hello everyone, I survived the first long road trip. After the shock, I can update my journey and it is a fiasco to remove the sex doll from Canada. I rented an SUV and didn't know what size container she would enter. As always, there are no SUVs at the rental location, so they upgraded me to a pseudo-minivan "Ford Transit". I am fine because it is new. Note: Do not rent a car with a temporary board when crossing any boundary. So I appeared on the Canadian border and pulled to the border booth. They saw an Indian/Arab/Mexico man using a temporary license plate from Texas. Why do I drive so far after 15 minutes, why do I have no vehicle registration card.

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When they finished, I turned around and forgot the sex doll I wanted to buy. I was labeled as a drug dealer/transporter and was pulled aside and thoroughly investigated everything I had. Including the lease was opened. sigh. This is a mess. Will I do it again? Maybe, now I know what will happen, I should be fine. I would recommend it, only your skin is very tough, don't be embarrassed. And tell me where this doll comes from. I wrote the seller and they won't reply. Beautiful sex dolls that really look like skin, even with pores and wrinkles. Interested in buying this, thank you for your help.

2019-08-26 09:35:44

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