Pour Some Silicone Between The Skin and Core of The D Cup Sex Doll



I have a sex doll whose silicone is away from the inner core, especially in the lower back/hip/thigh position. I want to glue the silicone back to its core with glue, but I don't know which glue is effective. Can I pour some silicone between the doll's skin and the core? Will the silicone stick to the foam core? Yesterday I cut into the doll to see what would happen. I cut my fingers under the skin and found that there was a strong bond between the silicone and the foam on the upper back (I can't separate them with my fingers) so that the upper back and the foam core are not available. Separation.If I put the sex doll directly on it, the silicone will not fold up. Only when I let her lay down her lower back and ass silicone folded.

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The provided doll has a usual polyfoam core and the silicone does not adhere at all. Therefore, “adding/injecting” more silica in this area will not solve the problem, which will make the situation worse. It may be that the foam core "floats/moves" in the mold and the silicone is poured, causing the skin to thin in these areas... you can't do much! There is no "mechanical/glue" to adhere the silicone to the foam... this is the problem of placing the foam core precisely in the center of the mold. This will allow the correct amount of silicone to wrap around the foam, not much I can add. Sorry, but it sounds like you have a defective sex doll in the factory.

2019-08-26 09:02:55

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