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You Should Treat D Cup Sex Doll Like Real Women



Hello, the owner of the sex doll, I have a question to ask you. Are the dolls very fragile, are their joints loose. Today I saw a sex doll. When the seller took some test photos for me, my feet were torn open. I have a 1 year old doll with a harmonious face. I didn't have a finger poke, I was very careful about her, but I can already say that one side's joints are not held like us. Is there a solution for this sex doll.This made me guess for the second time to buy extra dolls.

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For careful surgery, you can find a thread of detailed instructions here. Sex dolls are not fragile, but they should be treated like real women, lightly. I have a sex doll since 2010 and she looks good. Using bolts and nuts to secure the joints together means that they loosen over time, but it also means they can be retightened. The speed at which they relax depends on how often you bend. For yes/no answers, this is not that simple. It depends on many factors, including anomalies in the manufacturing process. Although my beloved doll has been repaired many times, in the long run, she found that she is very strong. For example: a lot of finger stamps. But I found that after a period of time and experience, in addition to the too rigid and inflexible finger lines (because I hope to be corrected). The main reason is the cavity in the sex doll's fingers, and the silicone does not completely fill the finger space around the wire. After the repair involves filling the cavity with silicone (no matter how small), the finger poke becomes very rare.

2019-08-26 09:44:07

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