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I Was Surprised by My Japanese Sex Doll



I don't think this is a problem. The current high-end dolls are designed to be as realistic as possible. In my opinion, approaching a doll from this perspective is not that interesting, if you are studying this issue. But solving the evolution of dolls and when they can deceive people into believing that dolls are real people, even when touching... this is an interesting concept. At present, most people are not fooled by careful inspection and touch. I am talking about static dolls here. Realistic, static look is easy to reproduce in art, but sports/animation is difficult to achieve.

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The most modern technology can't be done in movies and games. However, I have been...not "stunned" but "surprised" by my Japanese sex doll, especially when she arrived recently. I will let her sit in a room and living room, I will forget her, then walk in to see her. I was amazed at her existence, not scared by her, just like I was walking in a room where there was an unknown person. Can you imagine walking into your home and seeing some unknown people sitting there? But after a while, it will be less frequent because you are used to your doll by your side. Only "built-in vagina" dolls require 'recore'. But many dolls have an "insert", which means you can take it out and put it back. And it's easier to update some dolls to benefit from chalking, such as using baby powder or cornstarch. This makes the sex doll feel very smooth.

2019-09-02 05:39:27

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